Our magnetic vehicle signs are a great way for you to accomplish your advertising goals without permanently lettering your vehicles. Using magnetic lettering, logos, graphics and photo images your identity can be professionally displayed on your doors or other metal places. 


A great thing about using a magnetic sign to advertise your product or service on your vehicle is that you can take the sign off and put it back on as often as you like, for instance, when you need your vehicle for your personal use.  You can use the magnetic vehicle sign for typical applications such as magnetic truck signs, magnetic door signs and magnetic signs for delivery vehicles, menu boards and building directories. 

Magnetic signs must be installed on a smooth flat surface with no grooves or sharp humps.  Make sure that there is no dirt on the magnet or the vehicle surface prior to installing the magnet each time. The best thing about our magnetic signs is that they have specially designed corners which do not allow the air to enter below the sign. This helps prevent the sign from falling.

note: If you do not intend to take the sign on & off your car, we highly recommend using vinyl lettering instead.  You can get a much cleaner look without the magnetic background.  This gives you a professional image and there are no chances of it falling off or getting stolen.  If you would like more information on vinyl lettering please visit our vinyl lettering and graphics section.