Sign Designs manufactures a complete line of interior and exterior signage systems as well as ADA compliant and ADA systems for the visually impaired.  We meet required standards while using quality materials, finishes, and the latest manufacturing technology.


ADA regulation states that all signs must have upercase text, high contrasting colors, grade 2 braille and they must be produced on 1/8" material.

frameOur DESIGNER FRAME SYSTEM is designed for quality interior signage.  Several unique features offered by this system will make designing and mounting interior signage simple.

   *Ten sizes in six colors:  Pewter Gray, White, Medium Gray, Almond, Brown, and Black
   *Completely supports 1/16" material so that multiple plates can be used as mini-directories or divided
     sign messages
   *Plates can be mounted with adhesive-back 3M DUAL LOCKTM or Sign Snap so that they are tamper
     resistant but still removable with a suction cup
   *Plates can be permanently mounted to inside of frames with adhesives or two sided transfer tape
   *Keyhole mounting for permanent or removable frames
   *Pin system that mounts into a frame for hanging frames from fabric office partitions

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